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This wiki is dedicated to giving information on the details of the Ragnarok Online server, Testimonial Midgard. The full story of Testimonial Midgard can be found Here. Anyone's help is appreciated in this project. Check out the editing guide.

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What's new on Testimonial Midgard Wikia

The Testimonial Midgard final event finished on the 28/12/09 and the story was closed. I've posted the full story to the website.
Well its taken me a while but I've completed the prototype of the full Testimonial Midgard story. I don't know yet if I'll release the full thing for spoiler reasons but I'm still editting it anyway.
Done alot of link-fixing and spell checking. Added a few more guilds and players.
Added alot of what I think needed to be added. Can't expand too much on some of the profiles though.
Fixed most of the dead links. If anyone wants to expand any articles, go ahead.
The wikia's looking a bit healthier now. Thanks to everyone who's given community support.
Testimonial Midgard's wikia has been made. Raziel and I are working on adding the basic articles.

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